UGALKAVA is an jewelry line made and designed in Vancouver.

In my recent works I am inspired by poetry of everyday objects, abstract art and ancient jewellery.

I make everything from a mixture of hot wax, allowing the material to contribute to the final work. The final works contain a history of the material, an imprint of my visual experience, poetry and memories. All this forms unplanned combinations and outcomes, in which you can see a very diverse combination of different stories. I am interested in how work functions independently of my expectations and questioning if a person can create a work in which they do not direct their thoughts towards it?

I observe the lines and dots that make up everyday objects and study how they can break down back into geometric abstract forms. In my works I give objects and geometrical figures new meanings and embodied forms that may not exist in reality. I explore analogies and correlations between forms of man made objects and geometry we daily see in life and think about their possible narratives.

I aim to research what kind of lives these objects live, and to what extent we, as viewers and creators can approach their inner life? And moreover, can the object, shape, line or form be given a leading role in a single jewelry work?

Design practice of this line references contemporary art, centering sculpture and object performance.

All jewellery are made out of silver and gold. Each piece is handmade and have it's own unique characteristics with little traces of hand production.

On your request we can make some unique design for you. Please, contact us for further information and with offers at

+1 778 321 1059

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